Saturday, 1 August 2009

Back From Prague

Wow, am I glad to be home haha.

It's hard being in the middle of the Dutchman and my parents.

It all started on the first day. Dutchman drove us there (8-9 hours) and was pretty tired by the time we arrived. Because parking at the hotel is ridiculously expensive (80 euro which is a huge amount for parking in Czech Republic), we tried to look for public/free parking outside (we have a lease car so frankly, do not give a rat's ass if the thing gets stolen- just as long as it's legal parking). After driving for 15 minutes, we finally found a spot in front of some apartments in a poor-ish area. Relieved, we all came out of the car but my mother was obviously too enthusiastic and opened the car door much too hard, which dented the car next to ours rather badly. I'd expected a scratch but it was quite a large dent! Dutchman was pissed because he was tired and number 2, it's just a shitty thing to do. My mother wasn't apologetic. In fact, she continues to insist that the dent was already there (it wasn't. Dutchman saw it happening). Dutchman reacted rather harshly (by Asian standards)which caused my already sensitive mum to decide that she was going to hate the trip no matter what happens. Yay.

To be continued later...

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