Sunday, 30 August 2009

Great Offer

Plane tickets are getting cheaper and cheaper everyday. I'd like to celebrate Chinese New Year in 2010 as it coincides with my spring vacation and I haven't celebrated it for 4 years now. The next time I'm free during CNY would be after graduation (CNY 2013).

There's a promotion going on and a return flight costs only 542 euro. I'm very tempted but I'm afraid the price will fall further. :/ I'm after all just a poor student and even 100 euro will mean I can shop quite a bit back home ^^

To buy or not to buy....


Esmee said...

If we go back during CNY, it would burnt a big hole in our pockets. Abt 40 ang pows to dish out to our nearest n dearest *sigh*

Btw, what's the going rate in M'sia ?

Seri Nyonya said...

Hey Esmee,

I'm not married yet so I'm probably going to get angpows instead ^^ We bought the tickets in the end. Dutchman's never experienced CNY before so it should be fun:D

Going rate for angpows or air tickets?

We paid 1084 euro for the two of us. Very, very cheap!

Esmee said...

The tix r indeed affordable :-) Wow, still get ang pows some more !

Going rate for ang pows lah !

Side note, can u still buy belachan in Utrecht ? I dont like the powdery stuff sold these days.

Seri Nyonya said...

Haha sorry la, I thought air tickets:D

Angpows vary but in general:

Random people/faraway relatives: RM2

Friends' children : RM5-RM20

Close relatives'children: RM40-RM300

What about SG?

Esmee said...

SG ah ... *sigh*

The big brood from my sis n bro expects no less than S$ 50 for those under 12yrs old. The older ones would remind me that life in SG is velly velly expensive hor - so I gotta give them S$ 100,00. Talk abt paying a bunch of subtle ransom !! :-(

When I was still working in SG, I gave my entire 13th month pay to my mom. She needs it to buy festive food n dishing out ang pows lor. Nowadays when we do visit her, she always say "no need", that she is happy we came back at all. But it's still a very expensive time for the elderly (no pension lah), so I give as much as I possibly can lor.

In my childhood, my dad gave us S$ 2,00 ang pows. How time has changed !