Sunday, 2 August 2009


Right. Soooo, after that, both couples went into their repective rooms to talk it out. As usual, I was in the middle between the 2 parties because I could understand both sides.

Dutchman being Dutch, wanted to talk it out. Parents, being Malaysians, are terrible at talking things out so pretended everything was fine.

It wasn't obviously.

And I was grumpy because I'd paid lots of money (present for parents) for nothing.

Basically, my mother walked with a grumpy face the entire time.

We took them to the Astrological clock (not that there was much to see...) to witness the uhm.. 'chimes'. However, when we were there, my mother refused to sit with us? Apparently, she didn't want a drink or something. The Dutchman and I were extremely annoyed.

Mother kept making snide comments. Dutchman was very upset. Decided he didn't like my parents at all anymore. Decided my parents were not nice people. I felt like crap.

Luckily, it improved on the last evening. We had a lovely meal at Fish restaurant in Mala Strana which made everyone very happy.

Foo. Glad it's over. Glad everything's OK again.

P/S: I am so annoyed that we were totally fleeced in Prague. 3 cappucinos, 1 Cola Light and 2 slices of honey cakes = 800 CZK (30+ euro!). WTF right?

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Esmee said...


6mths after I was married to my dutchman, I was fortunate to tag along back to Singapore to see my family while he attends to bizz. Yes, I missed my former life there in every aspect.

My hubby was very touched by the warm welcome there.

On the flip side, my MIL n I doesnt get along bec she's unbearably controlling. I kept my distance in return for some peace. After 2yrs I didnt even bother to visit for birthdays or other festive occasions. Vice versa, they treated me like I dont exist, but who cares, right ? I didnt know them b4, so I dont need them now either !