Sunday, 9 August 2009


My parents left today and I miss them so much:(

No updates for the next 2 weeks as I'll be in France.

I wish I could live close to my parents. I wish I didn't have to pick between my partner and my parents. Sometimes I resent him for having family living nearby whom he's not even close to. Yet, I have to be so far apart from mine eventhough I'm really close with my parents and extended family. I know I shouldn't blame him and I don't but I can't help but want things to be different. He's been awfully understanding about it though and he likes my parents as well. They cooked all my favourite dishes, ironed my clothes, made my plants happy (which weren't dead but slowly dying for the last year...)... I paid for most of our outings/food (they paid some as well) which I totally did not mind. In fact, I was prepared and wanted to pay for everything. At the airport today, they told me to check my shoe under the bed. They left me close to a thousand euros. Bla. Why do they always have to be so nice to me:(

I just feel so lonely without them. I felt so secure when they were here. We chatted so much (obviously they annoyed me as well). It's just different with parents, isn't it... There will always be boundaries with a partner. Sure, I tell him everything but I know things will never be the same if I were to do something horrible such as cheat on him. Parents on the other hand (at least mine!) will be nice to me, no matter what.

One more year before I see them again. :(


Esmee said...

It took me 10yrs b4 I finally realised that I hv to live my life here n not hv one feet in each country, bec it wont work !

These days when I visit my family, I'm glad to be back here in my own space. NL is alot cooler n less crowded than my old home town. U will gradually appreciate ur life here I'm sure.

Toi, toi, toi hé :-) !

Seri Nyonya said...

hoi esmee!

i definitely appreciate my life here but i'm also very close to my family. that's the shitty part, i guess ;)

once the oldies are dead, i probably wouldn't mind much but in my head, i keep thinking i'll probably see them just 15 times or less (mother will be 85 in 15 years) for the rest of my life and that is sad:(