Saturday, 22 August 2009


I had a facial today and it was awesome.

Now, about the holiday...

I'll be honest. I don't think camping is our thing. I don't mind staying in a tent but I think renting a house or paying for a hotel would've been better and not necessarily more expensive.

To camp, you:

i) need a tent (which can be ridiculously expensive. Ours was very cheap, only 150 euro- but some go up to well over 1000 euro).

ii) buy all kinds of rubbish like an electric kettle, gas/camping stove, table, chairs, air mattresses, sleeping bags etc. etc. etc. which obviously all cost money.

iii) need to be aware of your surroundings- in other words, be considerate and when you're in a quiet place like ours, you end up whispering to each other for 10 days.

iv) have put up with people who have no such considerations. In our case, there was a family with 3 boys (seriously, why did they choose a camping which was specifically listed as VERY QUIET AND SMALL and more importantly, why did the camping owners allow them to camp there.... Everyone hated that family) who shouted all day long (the parents AND the boys).

v) have little privacy. Toilets and bathrooms are shared. You can't expect to be able to brush your teeth alone. You can't expect to poop without anyone hearing 'it' go *plonk* into French-style toilets. You can't always have a shower when you want because someone else might be using it.

vi) have to put up with insects.

vii) have to deal with the weather. It was nice most of the time for us but it's usually too hot to sleep in the tent at 10 a.m. and there was a pretty bad storm on the last night.

That makes it sound like I absolutely HATE camping, right? I won't deny that it's not my vacation of choice but I'm not ruling it out completely. I see and understand its charms. The toilets are showers were clean (and it had warm water as well!), the surroundings absolutely gorgeous and it's just kind off fun to make your own food on a one-pit stove and being in complete darkness at night.

Our tent was great, especially considering how cheap it was. It has 2 'bedrooms' and a sort of living room where we placed our picnic table and groceries.

Our camping site(quite cheap at 17.60 euro a night. A friend went camping in Normandy and paid 35 euro a night 0_0). I liked how quiet it was, the pretty mountains and how we could always hear the cow bells tinkling all day.

What we did (We're terrible at taking pictures. We took about 15 pictures this whole trip!)

i) visited cities/towns/villages around the area
ii) ate out a lot
iii) fishing
iv) fishing
v) fishing

Yop, we fished a looot! We caught 2 trouts the first day but didn't have any success after that. Quite frustrating. The ones we DID catch tasted wonderful though yum yum

Photos of some of the places we went to:

Lac d'Annecy

Mont Blanc

Waterfall in Seythenex

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