Sunday, 6 December 2009

Sinterklaas Dinner 2009

As mentioned before, Dutchman cooks a proper meal for me on December 5th every year. Dutchman never cooks (only about once every 3 months, mostly spaghetti from a packet or potatoes mashed with curly kale) but he impresses me every time!

Frisian roggebrood (rye bread) with applestroop (apple butter) and pate
Very good! I plan to make more of these when people come over. Simple and tasty

Smoked rainbow trout on a bed of peas mashed with lamb bouillon, creme fraiche and who knows what else. It was amazing. Went well together and the peas didn't taste like peas. It was very mild which is why it went wonderfully with the salty fish.

Ossenhaas Carpaccio. It was good but I prefer carpaccio with capers

Looks Polish, right!? Haha This was somewhat of a disappointment. Mind you, it was LOVELY but probably more suitable for another occassion as it doesn't look pretty. Dutchman ordered Texelse Lams (the best lamb you can get in The Netherlands. They're from Texel Island and quite difficult to find) which he stewed. He served the lamb with a potato omelette, salad and vegetables from the stew (awesome). The lamb was tender- absolutely beautiful, but I did think it was a waste of rib-eye. I mean it's Texel lamb for goodness sake! :P

Dessert was a trio of fruity mascarpone (peach, strawberry and mango). Light and full of flavour.

We finished off with coffee and bon bons.

All dishes were accompanied by:

We fell asleep immediately after the dinner because we were so tired. Great evening. Thanks, Dutchman!

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