Saturday, 5 December 2009


Am I busy or what! Have to finish all my homework before I leave for Malaysia on Monday. I'm looking forward to it but... just knowing I have all these tasks lined up for me to complete today is stressful!

Although I've been cooking quite a few meals  (and eating lots of prawns at this lovely 'brown' restaurant. Very reasonable at 20 euro per person for as much shrimps as you can eat), I haven't been very good at taking pictures!

Some updates:

i) I paid someone to write Sinterklaas poems for me (shame on me:( )
ii) Pangkor Laut is out of the picture. Going to Phuket instead.
iii) I am so looking forward to dishes, curries, chilli garam, asam laksa and char kuey teow.
iv) Going to Sage with friends for dinner yum yum
v) Gonna have an awesome dinner tonight as well, it's a surprise so I'll have to wait and see
vi) My new favourite weekday dinner is penne with green pesto, smoked chicken, arugula and cherry tomatos.
vii) Malaysian Megal SALE!
viii) Can't wait for civilization (haha) again. Staying in a small town (only 100 000+ people) is not very convenient. Shops close at 6pm, aren't open most Sundays and there's never anything to do at night except drink yourself to death, watch an old movie (delayed 6 months-1 year here) or eat out (not really the culture so many people don't really want to spend money on it).

Some random homecooked meals in the last week or so:

Entrecoté with crunchy,curried potatoes and Italian salad

Rainbow Trout with Fennel

Roast Piri Piri Chicken with rosemary potatoes and boiled vegetables

If I have time, I'll be posting up photos of dinner tonight. Dutchman is cooking. If not, see you in a week!

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