Sunday, 20 December 2009

An Update & Cry For Help!

Hi girls,

I'll be cooking a fancy meal for Dutchman on Christmas day and I need to know what you think of the menu below. Some things to take note:

* I don't want to be stuck in the kitchen all day
* Has to look pretty
* Not too expensive
* Ingredients not too difficult to obtain
* No shellfish or mushrooms (Dutchman hates them)

The menu

Amuse ( don't know, suggestions?)

Sage, leek & onion balls

Smoked Salmon

Roast Beef (again, suggestions on marinades and so forth, please? Tried & tested recipes online?)

Dessert (helppppp... no cakes/no tarts. Something light. Dutch people have cake & pies with coffee/tea either at teatime or at around 8/9pm. Dessert is usually something lighter )

Coffee & Bon Bons/ Petit Fours


Anonymous said...

Hey! I have been reading your blog for a while.
The first thing that comes to mind is: prepare a trifle with cream and fresh fruit or a tiramisu' for dessert. It's lighter and the creaminess makes them inviting and pleasant to eat.
Roast beef: I would also try to make a turkey rolle' with cranberry sauce. I had it once it was just so good.
And I would use the smoked salmon for the appetizers/amuse: small crostini (grilled Italian bread) with a little butter, smoked salmon and a little bit of lemon peel.
What do you think? Just an idea!


Esmee said...

My dutchman is away during the holidays. I'm keeping it simple with rendang. Meat stew with fragrant (coconut) rice n cucumber is always a good combi, for me at least.

Sorry no tips to help u with ur menu :-s

Zalig kerst en een gelukkig nieuw jaar hé ;-p