Wednesday, 23 December 2009

The Trip

I can honestly say that the 10 days in SE Asia was the BEST holiday of my life! I had such an amazing time, with no obligations and got to spend time with people I wanted to spend time with!

2 of my best buds went to Phuket with me. Phuket is not a gorgeous place. Yet, this is one of those trips where company was so good that you'll always think of Phuket fondly.

The short trip to that infamous Thai island was an orgy of massages, facials, drinks and lots of laughter.

Our afternoons were spent lazing on these deck chairs.

Our balcony at Burasari

Burasari pool (where we swam and had cocktails after the beach )

Alex Gaudino !! FREE rave along Patong Beach and one of friend's favourite DJ's was playing

Thai Food (Gai Pad Grapow, Fish Cakes, Duck Curry etc.) We also ate at roadside stalls but no pictures as we didn't usually carry along a bag (camera/phone!).

We also had dinner at Keith Floyd's restaurant at the hotel. We went for the deal (20+ euro per person for 3 courses). Sorry, we totally forgot to take pictures until the main course arrived. Our appetizers were poached eggs in red wine etc., prawn cocktails and French onion soup.


Tuna Steak. This was so good and didn't taste like fish at all.

Friend's main. Chicken something

Dessert. Not only unremarkable- it was disgusting. Urgh

Would also like to add that we gorged ourselves with Thai satays and those crunchy pancakes sold on carts. Drinks (alcoholic) were quite cheap. The half-naked girls dancing with glazed eyes were disturbing. The facials (50+ euro each) were relaxing but no extraction so I had to pay for another facial when I got back to KL (luckily very cheap. Only 20 euro ^^ ).

Had a great, great time with my girls.

P/S: Thanks for your suggestions to my previous post!

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