Wednesday, 7 October 2009

Living Costs In The Netherlands

Room - 250-500 euro (excl. furniture, including utilities, council tax etc.)

Loaf of bread from the supermarket- 1.20-3.00 euro

1L milk -0.40- 1.30 euro

Health insurance- about 100 euro per month

2nd hand bike (probably stolen)- 50 euro

New bike- 280- 1000+ euro

300g minced beef- 1.50 euro

1kg chicken breasts- 6.00 euro

1kg potatoes- 1.30 euro

1 cucumber - 0.50 euro

Cheap: food, groceries, flowers, alcohol
Expensive: accomodation, service of any kinds

Taxes are rather high : 33.65- 52%. In addition, there are many other taxes one will have to pay (healthcare, council, BTW etc )

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