Thursday, 15 October 2009

You Might Be Wondering

why I have resurrected after a period of inactivity...

The answer is always the same (if you follow my blog). Yes, I'm supposed to be home, studying, for my exam next week. As usual, I'm in a baking/cooking frenzy or pottering about the plants or shopping instead of doing what I'm suppose to!

Nigella Lawson's Cream Cheese Brownies

The brownies were surprisingly yum. I'm not a big fan of Nigella Lawson. I enjoy reading her books. She's a great writer but her recipes have never wow-ed me. These were deliciously fudgy and the brownies were quickly scarved down by some rather picky Dutch people. That's quite a feat because many Dutch people find the idea of cheese in something sweet absolutely disgusting:D

For lunch, I made a simple pasta dish but before I could take a bite, the doorbell rang and I , stupidly, left my cat alone with it!

Dinner! It was YUM. I was hunting for some Cream of Tartar in Arnhem the other day because I've been jonesing for some chiffon cake. I came across this English store, Hartley's, who sadly did not have cream of tartar in their inventory. I did pick up a few other things though- namely, Lyle's Golden Syrup (can make Nigella's Sour Cream Chocolate Cake yay), Walkers Shortbread (I LOVE THEM)and a packet of Cumberland sausages.

I'll try not to bake for some time. I need to lose weight. I've become disturbingly plump. I don't have a scale at home but I'm pretty sure I'm in the 53-55kg range right now which might not sound that bad if you're European but when you're a 5ft 3" Asian person with a small-ish frame.. I don't even care about my weight really- just the flabbiness, the way my top rides up my sides because I've got humungous love handles, my muffin top, the way my bikini bottom is too small for me now etc. My boobs have stayed the same though- small and disappointing;) Man... Right. Time to kick my ass and start making use of the gym membership I pay for every month for a year but only used one month... I just cancelled it last week but will have to pay for it til January....

With some luck, I will not be fatter in a bikini than my MIL when we're on an island next year!

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