Monday, 26 October 2009

Raining AGAIN

Sure, it rains in Malaysia too. In fact, there are times when it rains much harder (not the pissy drizzle like in NL) but you don't notice it (except for the thunderstorms which kill your cable TV and modem ;)). Here, on the other hand, because you HAVE to do things outdoors (I can't drive, shops are on the street, not in a mall, have to take public transport so that can mean walking/waiting in the rain etc.), it bothers the shite out of me. Yes, I'm a complaining, grumpy cow.Seriously, NL can be such a dreary place- not just the weather.. the people, the food, the lack of anything to do other than drinking.

The rain makes everyone sleepy including my cat

She slept next to me on the couch ALL DAY. She's STILL sleeping now and no she's not ancient quite yet (4 years old).

I really like loaf pans for some reason and I generally don't ice cakes. Did make a frosting this time though

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