Wednesday, 14 October 2009

My Reward

I love flowers. I'm quite picky about them though. I hate boring ones- I don't like gerberas, geminis, roses (except the really beautiful ones they sell individually), sunflowers, baby's breath .... the list goes on.

Luckily flowers are quite cheap in The Netherlands so I buy a bunch every week or so (anything between 3 euro- 25 euro).

As usual, I haven't been cooking much lately. We either eat out (Turkish) or grab a take-away (Chinese,Indian). Takeaways can be cheaper than cooking sometimes- a 12 euro takeaway easily lasts me 5 meals.

A horrible rendition of Thai Chicken with Cashew Nuts from Knorr

An even more horrid nasi goreng Tom Yam (Adabi or something). Never again.

All that has definitely reaffirmed my belief in making things from scratch!

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